D8: theLockout

A while back a certain hockey league had a lockout. It sucked for the players. It sucked for the owners. And it really sucked for the fans. What were we supposed to watch? Football?

And what if hockey didn’t come back? What were all of those players going to do? So I created a backup plan for a few teams. A little side-business that would benefit their communities and help them pass the time while they wait for the puck to finally drop. This one in particular is for Winnipeg. Winnipeg Jet Service only offers layovers in Phoenix and Atlanta at this time.

Jet Service of WinnipegJet Service of Winnipeg

You can’t have a business without a uniform! Here is my vision of Winnipeg Jet Service’s logo infused into fabric. Fairly laid back if they are just rockin’ t-shirts.

Jet Service of Winnipeg

Sometimes I feel like only I get my humor.

- theMaestro


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