Not sure why I am here. Blogging, that is.

I have been designing for quite some time. A logo here. Photo touch-up there. The yearly family holiday card. It has never been my job. Rarely have I been paid for it. Designing is something that I do with passion though.

So let’s define why I am here. I am challenging myself to a year of designing. 365 days of artistic expression. To hone my talents. To break out my shell. To build my portfolio. This site will house my creative thoughts and ideas. I encourage you speak up, give praise and criticism, make requests and share any ideas that you may have for me. If you like something “share it”. If not, don’t share it. Fairly simple.

I do warn you that my style of late has been very thick with minimalism. With a touch of sarcasm. And a dash of pop-culture.

I encourage you to follow along on this journey from whichever social media addiction that ails you:

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And if you like any of my designs I will be trading product for currency at my shop over at RedBubble. (Sorry for the corporate advertising. It’s just cool when someone buys something that you created.)

Well if you have read this far I am truly surprised. Let’s see how far down this rabbit hole goes.

- theMaestro

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  1. I will keep reading! Cant wait to follow where this takes you next. . . What’s up next? Share! Your fans await.

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