D37: theTrickyDick

Today I honor the 37th day of the year with a Clerks inspired Richard Nixon campaign logo.

Richard Nixon

Sidenote: A little over 3 years ago I watched the birth of the first Smonologue unravel via Kevin Smith on Twitter. The “rant”, as some called it, stretched out over the twitterverse in response to a tweet from @YourRealDad76 that read “I lost my job, and have a chance to “start over”… What the hell should I do?” Smith’s response came in at 1,441 words. Now for those of you not in the know of how Twitter works (what rock have you been hiding under?); 1,441 words is a lot. Especially since you are limited to a 160 character tweet, I mean post. That was 7,679 characters. Each character filled with passion.

Life is mutable; the rigidity of working for someone else doesn’t allow for much flexibility. So create your own ideal universe.

It was not the moment where everything changed but it was a moment that made me realize that others’ views mirrored my own.

But life? We can shape & change the fuck out of life!

So now I am slowly bending the universe and I say “Thank you Mr. Smith for not shutting the fuck up.”

- theMaestro




Feel free to read the entire Smonologue here.



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