D20: theRules

Everyone has rules of the house. Golden rules. Family rules. O’Doyle rules. Some very special friends of mine have three rules for their new home.

Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Brilliant.

So I have set out on a quest to beautify their safe, kind, brilliant rules for their new home. Daunting task indeed. What if they don’t like what I design? What if they…gulp…hate it? Well, you obviously have not met me yet. I do safe. I’m kind. And I am damn brilliant.

Let’s start with some fonts. This can be a huge task since there’s only 1mil plus typefaces out there. Let’s see what I can find based on some words that were given to me: masculine, beautiful and “kid-friendly”.

Lot's o fontsThere are some ugly fonts out there. Let’s eliminate the “what was I thinking” fonts. Now what? Where will the “Rules of the House” be displayed? Horizontal display? Or vert? Shall we go with a wonderful print? Perhaps an installation of empties spelling out the rules? Or go with the standard wall decals? *yawn*

Let’s see how some of these look.

Be Safe Be Kind Be Brilliant

besafeVertTough call. Looks like this will need some fine tuning. Not even close to being finished but I am leaning toward two or three of these. I would like your feedback though. Do any of these stand out to you?

Be kind, safe & brilliant!

- theMaestro


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