D19: theFrames

Looks like I have figured out what to put above the couch in the living room! I wonder if the rest of the fam will like it!

Framed "I Am" SeriesIn all honestly this is kind of how my brain works. If by some miracle I actually pull what’s out of my head and put it on paper, I try and show everyone else what I was thinking.

So I had three lyrics from “So What’cha Want” that all had “I am” within them somewhere/somehow. I wondered what they would look like framed above a white couch. I have kids by the way; I will never have a white couch. So I quickly grabbed a pen and paper and hastily laid down the lyrics. Snapped a pic of each with my S4. Touched them up with ‘Shop. Stole a white couch from the interwebs.

End result? Acceptable.

- theMaestro


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