Concept Art Feedback Request

Current craze: Colorado Pride.

I can’t go anywhere without seeing the Colorado Flag emblazoned upon hats, shirts, sky-writing or inked in flesh….maybe that’s a little too far. I think you get my point. We sure do love this state.

So what if we fine tune this pride to a little closer to home. What if we utilize the flag with where we live, work and play? Or perhaps a definitive word that describes us?

Below is some initial concept art. This was quickly mocked up and I am not sure on the fonts. I will probably/definitely add some distress to it. What I am looking for is feedback. Specifically around marketability and design (and any other recommendations that you may have). Ideally this would be applied to apparel and what-not.


Would you wear this? Buy this? Share to your friends on [insert fav social addiction here]? Scream to the heavens on your podcast “THIS IS AWESOMESAUCE!”

Please message me or post up on FB any constructive criticism.

Thanks for the help,

- theMaestro




*Special thanks to ShortRound for the brainstorming session today. The alter-ego finally opened the door.


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